Oppose burdening Illinois with the highest motor fuel taxes in America.

Send an email to tell your legislators you oppose raising the Illinois motor fuel tax. Adding another 30 cents per gallon, as proposed, would rank Illinois gas taxes first, and certainly worst, in the nation. We already pay over 55 cents per gallon in total fuel taxes, which makes our state one of the highest. Working families cannot afford this expense. Tank the tax.

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Why Raising the Motor Fuel Tax is a Bad Idea

Lawmakers in Springfield are considering an increase to the state’s motor fuel tax by another 30 cents per gallon, bringing the total fuel tax to 85 cents per gallon – the highest in the nation. If this proposal were passed, it would regressively impact low and middle-class families trying to get to work and school.

Take Action Now

Making matters worse, employers at gas stations and convenience stores along Illinois’ borders have already lost customers to neighboring states because of high taxes. When fuel is purchased in neighboring states, our state and local governments lose not only gas tax revenue, but also the sales tax dollars when other related goods and services are purchased in neighboring, lower-taxed Midwestern states.